How to increase blog traffic more effectively?

Many people who does not have their own top level domain  like "" are moved to free blog hosting websites like " " which having ajax control over their blog publishing tools. After setting up their blog at or , the problem for them is that how to increase blog web traffic so that visitor can know about their blog and visit frequently and make blog as more popular on the web. Here are few tips to increase web blog traffic for catch more visitors.

  1. Write Articles for Article Directories and give your blog link in it (not to spread spam for giving to many links in it)

  2. Use Social Media of your interest and give their the details of your blog like this one, I am owner of web blog namely "Howtozed " which offer you free technology stuff, news, gadget news, android phone news, windows news, social media news etc. So please visit my Blog, Thanks". If you will advertise your blog like this on social media networking websites, you will be sucess for getting more traffic for your blog and if you are running Google Adsense on it, you have to get more earing with this traffic and your traffic will move into earnings.

  3. Use your Blog URL as signaure in Web Forum, so people will visit your blog from that Signaure. 

Post Summary:
What is Traffic: Here traffic mean web visitor traffic which comes to your website or blog. The people will visit your blog, will call traffic.


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